Microfocus ArcSight

Micro Focus® ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager dramatically reduces the time to detect, react, and triage cybersecurity threats at scale. ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) with its advanced distributed correlation engine, helps security teams detect and respond to internal and external threats, reduces response time from hours or days to minutes, and gives SOCs the ability to address more threats with no additional headcount through simplified SOC workflows and continuously updated threat packages available from the ArcSight Marketplace. ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager is a comprehensive real-time threat detection, analysis, workflow, and compliance management platform with increased data enrichment capabilities. ArcSight detects and directs analysts to cyber-security threats, in real time, helping security operations teams respond quickly to indicators of compromise. By automatically identifying and prioritizing threats, teams avoid the cost, complexity and extra work associated with being alerted of false positives. ESM allows SecOps organizations the ability to have a centralized, powerful view into their multiple environments creating workflow efficiency for streamlined processes. Through improved detection, real-time correlation, and workflow automation, SOC teams can resolve incidents quickly and accurately.

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IBM QRadar SIEM sits at the core of the IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform, which applies automated, intelligent analytics to a vast amount of security data to provide security analysts with actionable insight into the most critical threats, enabling them to make better, faster triage and response decisions.

This comprehensive platform brings together log management SIEM, network analysis, vulnerability management, user behaviour analytics, threat intelligence and AI-powered investigations into one single platform managed from a single interface. Components of the solution are fully integrated, enabling customers to start as small or large as they choose and easily scale up or down as their needs change.
IBM® QRadar® Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) helps security teams accurately detect and prioritize threats across the enterprise, and it provides intelligent insights that enable teams to respond quickly to reduce the impact of incidents. By consolidating log events and network flow data from thousands of devices, endpoints and applications distributed throughout your network, QRadar correlates all this different information and aggregates related events into single alerts to accelerates incident analysis and remediation. QRadar SIEM is available on premises and in a cloud environment.

By having Qradar you will:

  • Gain centralized insight into logs, flow and events across on-premises, SaaS and IaaS environments.
  • Centrally see all events related to a particular threat in one place to eliminate manual tracking processes and enable analysts to focus on investigation and response.
  • Leverage out-of-the-box analytics that automatically analyze logs and network flows to detect threats and generate prioritized alerts as attacks progress through the kill chain
  • Comply with internal organizational policies and external regulations by leveraging pre-built reports and templates.
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