Big Fix

With software—and the threats against that software—constantly evolving, organizations need an effective way to assess, deploy and manage a constant flow of patches for the myriad operating systems and applications in their heterogeneous environments.
For system administrators responsible for potentially tens or hundreds of thousands of endpoints running various operating systems and software applications, patch management can easily overwhelm already strained budgets and staff.
BigFix Patch balances the need for fast deployment and high availability with an automated, simplified patching process that is administered from a single console. BigFix Patch gives organizations access to comprehensive capabilities for delivering patches for Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux and Apple Macintosh operating systems; third-party applications from vendors including Adobe, Mozilla, Apple and Java; and customer-supplied patches to endpoints—regardless of their location, connection type or status. Endpoints can include servers, laptops, desktops and specialized equipment such as point-of-sale (POS) devices, ATMs and self-service kiosks. In addition, virtual machines can be patched so that virtual and cloud environments have the same level of security as physical systems

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