Microfocus NetIQ
NetIQ manages the complete identity lifecycle of entities across your diverse, hybrid infrastructure. Deliver efficient, consistent, and secure access to corporate assets within and beyond the firewall.

NetIQ develops a consistent, overarching view of identities inside and outside your organization. Identity Manager collects and curate’s identity governance data so you know who has access, why it was granted, and whether it is still needed. With features such as attribute-level authority and continuous reconciliation, you have a single source of truth for identity and access.

NetIQ provides accurate, timely access to applications and data. Using a centralized framework for identity management, you can easily define workflows and policies to automate your business processes. And you can improve business efficiency with self-service options for access requests and approvals.

NetIQ automate and support business decisions using rich insights based on identity relationships and context. Identity Manager automates tasks required to make access decisions, including near-instant de-provisioning, separation of duties, and least-privilege provisioning.

NetIQ improve your organization’s security posture through real-time, adaptive governance. Leveraging an event-based, bi-directional architecture, Identity Manager adapts security controls based on real-time information and insights. With user monitoring and advanced analytics, you can enforce intended behavior across diverse environments

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