Elastic Endpoint Security


Complexity is the enemy of security. We make it simple. Elastic Endpoint Security is the only endpoint protection product to fully combine prevention, detection, and response into a single, autonomous agent. It’s easy to use, built for speed, and stops threats at the earliest stages of attack.

As simple as antivirus, but way more powerful
Integrating the best endpoint security product available with the Elastic SIEM experience provides a whole new comprehensive security operations solution designed to support multiple users and use cases.

Ransomware prevention
Using a combination of behavior-based detection, MalwareScore, and exploit prevention technology, we stop ransomware and other destructive attacks before disk encryption occurs.

Phishing prevention
The industry’s only on-endpoint phishing prevention. Using machine learning to prevent malicious Microsoft Office documents and PDFs before they can execute.

ReflexTM Custom Prevention
The first autonomous prevention and detection engine that issues customized incident response on the endpoint without the need for cloud connectivity.

Malware prevention
Endgame MalwareScore® is the only machine-learning powered, signature-less prevention. Blocking known and unknown attacks, MalwareScore is published to VirusTotal and validated by third parties like NSS Labs.

Exploit prevention
Block attempts to exploit vulnerabilities — even zero-day vulnerabilities and kernel exploits designed to elevate privileges — before any malicious code can execute.

Fileless attack prevention
Our injection protection stops in-memory attacks like reflective DLL and shellcode injection. We detect and can block suspicious and malicious Powershell scripts and CLR Guard is an industry first for .NET reflection attacks.

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