SOC Maturity Assessment

A well-functioning Security Operations Centre (SOC) provides a reliable and trusted single point of contact for reporting computer security incidents. Maturity assessment of the security team can enable organization to identify problematic areas more accurately and allocate resources more efficiently.

AIK SECURITY assesses SOC maturity by applying best international practices and as a result the organization is provided with an actionable SOC improvement plan and SOC modernization activities.

Depending on scope, the following areas could be assessed:

  • Governance;
  • Human resources, including knowledge management andtraining/education;
  • Processes;
  • Technology, including automation and orchestration;
  • Services: security monitoring, security incidentmanagement, security analytics and forensics, threat intelligence, threat hunting, vulnerability management and log management.Experienced, qualified and certified cyber security experts perform the assessment, hence highest quality standards are guaranteed.

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