Malware Reverse Engineering

Malware represents one of the greatest threats that organizations face today and IT departments are coming to understand that their AV tools can only do so much to protect them. When malware is discovered on their systems, they want to know what it might have done, if the threat is still ongoing, and what they might have lost to the infection. Answers can be very tough to find, but reverse engineering the malware might just be the way to provide them.

AIK SECURITY malware reverse engineering and can help you determine the capabilities of the attacker’s malware. AIK SECURITY will help you determine the Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) so you can quickly and accurately discover malware variants. When you catch the attacker’s malware, they don’t just throw up their hands and start writing new malware from scratch. Instead, they just modify existing malware. Minimal modifications (or sometimes just recompiling) can completely bypass antivirus and security software.

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