Cyber Security Road Map

Building successful cyber security programs requires a well-considered and sophisticated security roadmap. The stakes are too great to manage security strategy or implement enterprise security architecture on a reactive or ad hoc basis – you’ll never catch up with the evolving threat landscape if all you’re doing is responding to yesterday’s risks. A security roadmap can help you define where your organization needs to go in terms of building security programs, and provide recommendations for processes, practices and technologies that can help you get there.

An effective security roadmap must be closely aligned with business objectives and informed by business needs. And a sophisticated security roadmap must be able to leverage existing programs and technology while integrating new solutions and ideas to increase operational efficiency, protect users and data, contain costs and maximize return on investment.

In order to meet overarching business goals, it is essential to establish clear security priorities that support the long-term goals of the business. The Security Roadmap will elevate your security posture, design business-relevant cybersecurity controls, identify the path to vulnerability remediation, and obtain compliances while accommodating future business growth. Roadmap is meticulously designed to achieve a robust, aligned, and threat-aware security and business operations posture

AIK SECURITY consultants will provide a 24-month roadmap based on our assessment findings, along with the snapshot of recommendation implications. AIK SECURITY consultants will keep engaging with the client to continuously evaluate the progress of the road map implementation and advise any changes based on changing compliance and business goals.

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